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Fourth Class Workshops


“Forms, colours and sign modern and contemporary art”

The art lab allows the participants to develop their creativity through various activities such as: painting with tempera, water colours and finger painting, observing, creating, cutting and gluing paper, folding various types of paper and cardboard, and using different types of materials.


During this art lab the students will be able to experiment their creativity by using colours and various techniques and thereby enjoy different and engaging learning experiences.

They will be able to explore and experiment various artistic movements of contemporary time. The presentation of art of different population will be accompanied by a brief theorical study and by a series of images that serve to help them in their work. The students will be analysing the pieces of the artists being studied and reproducing works based on their observations. The execution of this art work will enable the students to develop their manual skills and to put into play their creativity through yhe combination of shapes and colours.

Fantastic Futurist clothes!

Hokusai and the big wave

Precious illuminated letters

We print !!!

Mondrian and the boogie woogie

The landscape of Cima da Conegliano

The golden world of Klimt

Fernand Leger’s cars

That genius of Bruno Munari!

Conegliano frescoed

Painting with scissors: Matisse and Fauvism

Klimt: create decorations using different techniques: forks, straws, caps …

Chagall: interpreter of a new period of personal self-rescue. The power of color.


Functional contents:

-Physically describe a person and also themselves

-Describe the clothing. Talk about how you dress and how others dress

-Talk about the weather and say what the weather is like

-Express your skills

– Express your favorite games

-Express tastes and preferences

-Locate games and objects in space

-Talk about the animals you own. Description

-Ask and say when it’s birthday

-Express the quantity

Grammatical content:

-The articles

-Present of the verb SER (to be)

-Present of the verb TENER (to have)

-Formation of the plural of adjectives and nouns

-Formation of the feminine of adjectives and nouns

-Present of the verb HACER (to do) impersonal form

-Present of the verb IR + A (go)

-Present of the verb SABER (to know)

-Present of the verb JUGAR (play)

-Present of the verb ESTAR (to be)

-Present of the verb TENER (to have)

-Present of the verb QUERER (want)


-Parts of the body

-Adjectives describing the physical characteristics


-Dresses and descriptive adjectives

-Various skills

-The days of the week

-Adjectives related to localization in space

-The toys


-Names of the most common animals

-The months of the year

Cultural content:

-Geographical situation of Spain in Europe

-Geographical map of Spain and situation of the main cities

-Christmas in Spain

-Traditions and holidays: Easter and Processions

-Vision of a cartoon in Spanish

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