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Secondary Class Laboratories


The English Storytelling lab allows children to learn English in a fun and engaging manner. By working in groups with the finaly of taking part in a actual performance, children are able to overcome their embarassament of speaking a language other than their own. In fact, frama offers children an excellent opportunity of acquiring and building theri self-esteem. Moreover, since children are acting or performing at different moments, they become more aware of the important of listening and of respecting each other’s efforts.

Having to give to a character and not simply repeating words in another language involves exercising different expressions of the body, intonation and memory. The children also create masks and simple props for the choreography which helps them to feel even more involved in the production of the show.

Learning goals

Development of oral expression: the repetition of phrases, even in the form of rhimes, allows children to learn pre-established formulas used in every day language;

Development of memory and listening skills: other than having to memorize one’s own part, children also have to have a general idea of the script and know whwn they have to interact with their classmates. Therefore, it is very important that they pay close attention even when their classmates are reciting their part;

Development of expressiveness: intonation and body expression;

Consolidation of lexical and grammatical skills: the script is written specifically for the students and draws upon topics studied during their English lessons thereby permitting the children to consolidate various skills.

Possible theatrical themes

The Ugly Duckling

The Three Little Pigs

Little red Riding Hood

The Sword in the Stone


Children are fascinated by what hapens in the kitchen, kitchen utensils capture theri attention.

The colours, flavours and smells stimulate their senses. The kitchen is the palce where mom an dad prepare meals but because of today’s frenetic lifestyle, children rarely discover the pleasure of dabbling with pots and pans.

A cooking lab creates the occasion for children to explore the pleasures of preparing certain foods, cakes and other recipes, to familiarize themselves with foods and food cycles, to observe phenomenon such as leavening, to learn how to measure out certain ingredients, to mix things using various utensils, but also to use one’s hands to roll out pizza dough or puff pastry and to learn how to decorate cakes and biscuits.

By participating in the cooking lab, children will feel a sense of pride and usefulness because at the end of every lab they can bring home their delicacies.


Pastry School

We decorate the Halloween treats

Christmas cookies

Chocolate salami


Canapes and bruschetta


Savory pies

The leaf for pasta

Potato dumplings

Birthday in the kitchen


And many other tasty and fun recipes …

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