Exchange is the way!

What about a real exchange between European schools, or, even better, between Salesian schools?

Here, in my school, it has already become true!

From September 27th to October 4th we hosted a class of Spanish teenager students and two Spanish teachers. My grade 7 class already knew Spanish mates last year, when we started the project with a pen-friend activity but this year they came here and lived with us. We stayed together from early in the morning up to late in the afternoon. Indeed a lot of activities were ready for them.

They not only lived in class with us, they also came with us around our city and the most beautiful places near here, and my students were their guides, the best guides I have ever listened to! We visited some of the most attractive places in our hills, Venice, Vittorio Veneto, Aquileia and Trieste. But not only castles, museums and hills, also long breaks in the court yard with games and lunches in the canteen! A lot of kilometres run together: students, teachers and families!

The experience asked everybody a lot of energy, but all of us are happy winners.

This is for sure the best experience to practice foreign languages and learn about languages, countries, cultures, habits and, of course, about the great Salesian Family.

By the way, Spanish students were hosted in Italian families.

Together we learn how to be happy together and how we can have lessons together, beyond the walls of our classes!


by Elena Rigo

Teacher of English at the Immacolata International College

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