ERASMUS PLUS: Teachers on the move!… and also the 2nd flux is on the way!

We have just come back from Bristol: an exciting week among English students. We had the opportunity to share classes with our English colleagues, to eat with them, to walk in the corridors, to join a lot of different activities and laboratories.What busy days: from early morning to late evening!

We are lucky to be part of this big European project: books can never give to you the exact feeling of what you can do in class unless you try and work with real students. We visited two famous schools which believe in the same human values as we do: the importance to teach our students how they can become good citizensand to obtain the best they can from knowledge.

In particular, being a teacher of English language in our junior middle school, I chose to attend foreign languages classes and geography or history classes: very similar to my CLIL activities! I realized once more that students like new technologies and practical activities but at the same time their teachers must provide them with the correct tools and ability to use them.

Languages are bridges between cultures. We had the opportunity to share our experiences and we understood that English teachers can learn from us the advantages of international exchanges, also with young students.

As I have  already said to my students on my first day back to school: also in England there are a lot of different students in the same class but they respect their teachers and use their lessons to work. My students must improve their ability to listen and to pay attention to the lessons.

We also brought home some resources and teaching methods we are going to use with our students… but first of all we must learn from English people their politeness in all their daily activities. Time for chatting or playing is outside the class, in the courtyard. This confirms our mission, just following Don Bosco’s teaching method!

Now it is the turn of the 2nd flux: 8 more colleagues are going to Bristol and then there will be a great and unique sharing of experiences!

Elena Rigo

Teacher of English Language at junior middle school

1^ flux  – Erasmus+

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