Tijuana Project

Sale of cakes & food in favour of our migrant friends!

The students of my Secondary School did a market to support Mexican people: they walk a lot of kilometres from Honduras to Tijuana, to the USA and they have only a little water and a little food.


Salesian nuns in Tijuana want to build a house and some facilities for migrants so that they can rest, drink, eat, sleep and get dressed, but there isn’t much money.

We sold some food inside our school to the students and to our teachers. With the money we raised we can help the Mexican and Honduran people.

We also did some posters where we wrote how much clothes, a flat for one person one night and water cost. We thought it would be a great idea to collect money and think about what we could buy for them with the money we offer.

(Rebecca, 2A)


In my Salesian School every day we start school with a prayer and some time ago our teacher told us about Mexican and Honduran migrants.

We prayed for them but prayers are not enough so we decided to send them a concrete help.

We learnt about the cost of living in Mexico and we discovered that living is cheaper than in Italy but they do have a steady job so they cannot earn enough or they must run away from home.

We thought about a way to raise money and we chose to organize a “market for solidarity”.

Our mothers and grandmothers prepared food and we sold it. Everyone worked, someone sold, others bought, someone painted, others explained the project to other classes…

It was a nice way to help other people and to have fun together.

Now we will send the money to a Salesian Association that helps people in Mexico, at the border.

(Luca, 2A)


In our poster we explained what people from Honduras go through during their long way to USA border.

Three other posters represent a bottle of water, a T-shirt and a house and how much they cost there, and these posters are very good to make a comparison.

(Anna & Riccardo B., 2A)


Contributing to this project was a pleasure for me and I hope my contribution can be useful.

I am happy and I feel I did something useful. I hope I can do it again!

My classmates and me are very happy because we are sure this is a way to help other people, other young boys and girls like us!

(Lucrezia & Federico B., 2A)


Dear Friend, dear Brother, dear Sister in Tijuana,

I hope with all my heart that you can fulfil your wishes: here in Italy we pray for you and your family so that you can have a peaceful life.

I learnt about you and I did my best for raising some money for you. Never lose hope and be sure that God is always at your side.

(Federico T., 2A)


Our head teacher suggested what you need and I immediately started thinking about that.

I am always happy to help my brothers & sisters around the world!

(Paolo, 3A)

prof. Elena Rigo

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