An amazing trip in Spain

When we came back from Spain, the first task for my students was to write a letter to their Spanish friends and remember some special events.

Here some extracts of their comments, in their own words:

 “It was funny to spend time in the centre of Valdepeñas… Thank you for Sunday lunch with some friends of your family, the paella taste was very Spanish. Let me say something about your school: it is very similar to my Collegio Immacolata, even if it is in a different country! I thank you for this experience!”

Riccardo F.

 “I learnt so much about your culture and now I speak Spanish better!

You made me feel at home. I visited many cities, but my favourite is Toledo, the city of the three cultures.

I also liked Granada, a magic city. Valdepeñas is very beautiful, especially its square!”


 “Thank you because you welcomed me as a child, you have fulfilled all my desires. Thank you because you made me immediately feel at home: everything was perfect!”

Federico T.

 “I still remember when I went there, in Valdepeñas. I was so nervous to meet your family and I was asking myself if I could make it or if I’d like your family. Then all my fears disappeared and that week turned out to be one of the best week in my life. I liked so much when we went to the “Cimbarra” on Sunday. I don’t like walking, but the view of the waterfalls and the nature… were just amazing. I keep you in my heart forever.”


 “Valdepeñas is very beautiful and I want to come back.

The square of Almagro is beautiful and especially the colours of the houses around the square.

I miss you all. I realized that I must not be shy to talk because people around me listen to me and do not judge me or make fun of me if I make a mistake.”


 “Thank you very much for your hospitality in your house in Spain. One week was too short and it passed very fast! I remember when we went to the city hall and we knew the Mayor of Valdepeñas and we were on TV and on YouTube. The Mayor spoke quite well Italian! I hope we can meet again.”


 “We’ll never forget when we went to a bakery in the centre of Valdepeñas and we laughed for two hours with you. We talked for a bit and then we cried laughing!”

Elisabetta  & Martina

 “The thing that shocked me most is when you all go out in the square. It was very beautiful!”



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