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CIOFS-FP Formazione Professionale

Centro Italiano Opere Femminili Salesiane – Vocational Training School is a non-profit organization, focused on Training and Work. It was 1852 when Saint John Bosco first stipulated an apprenticeship contract in the history of Italy. He was driven by an urgent need for social advancement of young people.

Since 1968, CIOFS-FP has been engaged in 11 regions of Italy and still takes care of young people offering orientation, training and real opportunities for a job placement.

Teenagers and young people are our primary target, especially those who live difficult situations or social problems. These individuals are most likely to show operational abilities and appreciate applied testing. Training projects, orientation activities and networking are offered to our students, while referring to human and Christian values. Our aim is to build a professional and cultural project, able to drive young people from training to employment.

Vocational Training School “don Bosco” in Conegliano is aimed at students with junior high school certificate and provides free-of-charge three-year courses for Logistics Systems and Services Operators and Sales Services Operators. The educational path also includes training on the job in curricular hours, especially for students in the second and third year. This training is an opportunity for students, who are given the chance to experience and find their way in the professional world.

Significant heritage from Don Bosco and his Preventive System has been offering students and trainers an individual-oriented environment to encourage learning. In this system, joy and commitment are blended to achieve personal and professional growth.

Further information is available on the website:

Instagram and Facebook: @ciofsconegliano

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