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Youth Club

The youth club of the school Collegio Immaccolata, the Day Centre “il Punto Accessibile”, was born because of the need of families to have a support in the education of their child.

The youth club is a multi-purpose and open structure that aims at offering an efficient answer to the needs of the territory, such as:

  • The wish of the families to find an environment that could offer their child a set of experiences and activities to help them grow from a human and a spiritual point of view.
  • The request of the families for an exciting environment where students of the elementary school and high school could do their homework;
  • The need of some students to be encouraged and helped, also individually, towards a greater commitment to study to improve school results and achieve the autonomy required in the various stages of their growth;
  • The need for the rediscovery of activity of studying and homework as a moment of human and cultural growth, but also as a moment of aggregation and of balanced and joyful socialisation among equals.

The youth club of the Collegio Immacolata adresses children, teenagers and young people living in the city of Conegliano or in its neighbourhoods.

The service will involve the families of the beneficiaries, asking for their support in the various initiatives promoted by the youth club and their collaboration in the process of formation through the sign of an educational agreement when enrolling.

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Maratona del libro. #ilvenetolegge2023

01:30 - 02:30

Maratona del libro. #ilvenetolegge2023

08:30 - 09:30


Avvio ufficiale dell'anno scolastico. Uscita didattica.

09:00 - 10:00

Formazione docenti area linguistica

16:30 - 18:30

Avvio ufficiale dell'anno scolastico.

01:00 - 02:00


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