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Primary School

The identity of the Primary School rotates around the evangelical message and theology of Don Bosco. The challenges facing the educational system today induce new fears and a sense if mistrust towards the future. We consider education to be a fundamental feature of the human experience as well as a permanent possibility for transformation and change.

From these references, Collegio Immacolata uses a variety of educational and spiritual approaches:
• a Christian vision of the world
• focus on the individual and the familty
• the school experience
• the school environment
• the continuous search for what it means to educate and the commitment for education to be lifelong

Ragazzi felici nella scuola primaria del Collegio Immacolata Conegliano

Educational Horizons

Our school carries out its Mission by taking in mind the school’s identity as a whole, both Catholic and Salesian, while simultaneously considering three important factors which are interlinked:

– understanding reality, with particular attention to the childhood stage 6-10 (to understand);

– making a critical evaluation of the most salient elements (to evaluate)

– adopting initiatives to confront reality (to act).

The elaboration of these factors is an ongoing process, carried out according to three basic principles: comprehension, explanation, application.

What the word SCHOOL means in particular to us:

to understand:
– that the school experience represents a crucial moment in the growth of each student;
– that students experience difficult situations due to a lack of credible points of reference in the adult world;
– that the school distinguishes itself by offering a path that leads to growth.

to evaluate:
– the relativistic attitude of many adults as one of the causes of the child’s inability to make important and responsable choices;
– the dynamic world of children as a potentially rich resource of values and the capacity to think and create new ideas, but conversely poor in terms of deeply rooted motivations;
– learning how to work and to live with others and finally how to become “the four pillars of education” (Delors, Nell’educazione un tesoro, pp 79-90).

to act:
– with clarity of intentions and full transparency with the goal of putting students (and their families) in the position of critically discussing the school’s proposals and initiatives;
– with the will to elaborate projects which are motivated, discussed and feasible
– the quantity which renders a school special and credible.

What the word CATHOLIC School especially means to us:

to understand:
– that the widespread crisis of consciousness directly and dramatically affects both the religious dimension and the Christian way of life;
– that culture, which the school is called to impart to the new generation of students, is a priviledged place to search for one’s self in addition to the religious and Christian sense of existence;
– that the school can significantly contribute to laying foundations so that children may recognise and understand the world around them and the Christian roots of their own culture.

to evaluate:
– the crisis of consciousness, not only as a problem but also as a resource for the Catholic school, in that it represents a challenge in demonstrating the validity and the credibility of the Christian concept to the contemporary world;
– the difficulty of understanding and accepting a faith, also based on the lack of a religious foundation.

to act:
– with the knowledge that the search for truth, beauty and goodness represents the best way of setting in motion the experience of faith
– with the willingness to create a dialogue with all the students in the school, believers and non believers or worshippers of other faiths as an important testamente of the Catholic faith in the school

What it means to be a Catholic SALESIAN school:

to understand:
– that the Salesian Preventive System can be applied to today’s school life if it is thoroughly understood and constantly reinterpreted;
– that to educate by reason means to do so with highly pedagogical and cultural motivations and a high degree of professionalism which includes people, structures and organizations;
– that to educate others about religion entails a radical search for the meaning of life and the premise for open-mindedness towards religion;
– that to educate with affection means to cater to the quality and the genuineness of the communicative and emotional relationship between students and teachers.

to evaluate:
– attentively the phenomenon of povert, both past and present, and the emerging needs of today’s children;
– the relationship between the familial climate of the students and the spirit of the family is decisive for the realization of the school’s Salesian educational project.

to act:
– while seriously considering the students’ childhood experiences and their familial, social and cultural context;
– while creatively promoting new ways of experiencing growth among students (entertainment and school spirit);
– by making the most of today’s contemporary pedagogical reflections in order to further qualify the Salesian educational system.

International Project

Our school is dedicated to promoting the International School Project, as sollicited by the EU, with special focus on the fluency of the English language to help students face today’s increasing globalization, by combining tradition and innovation in equal measure, by promoting interdisciplinary studies and by offering skills from which students will benefit throughout the course of their lifetime.

The International School Project also forsees:

• Cambridge certification starting from year three

• School trips and experiences in English

• English theatre and storytelling in English

• English summer camp in the mountains

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