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English language Workshop

This workshop is fundamental in the nursery school because it brings children closer to a foreign language and this means guiding them in the exploration of the linguistic phenomenon by holding their hands in a reassuring way and making them understand that there are many languages in the world that can be learned in order to communicate.

This awareness has a fundamental importance not only in terms of linguistic growth, but also in terms of cultural and social development, since openness towards those who are different is a prerequisite for developing tolerance in children and thus promoting respect for others.

The English project in the Nursery School is dedicated to children in their last year. The aim of the project is to bring the child closer and make him or her curious, through a linguistic tool different from the Italian language, to the knowledge of other cultures and other people. It allows the child to become familiar with the foreign language, taking care above all of the communicative function. Language learning is always introduced in a playful way through songs, nursery rhymes, games.

By singing, playing and doing manual work, children learn to listen and repeat words with the correct pronunciation and intonation and to perform simple instructions.


October to May
1 hour per week for 3 and 4 year old children
2 hours per week for 5 year old children

Training objectives and skills

Learning goals:

– Understand the meaning of words through the theatrical action of the teacher;

– memorize nursery rhymes and songs;

– learn the terms of a new linguistic code;

– acquire vocabulary related to numbers, colours and animals.

Goals for competence development:

  • the child thinks about language, discovers the presence of different languages, recognizes and experiences the plurality of languages, measures himself with creativity and imagination.
  • The child experiences nursery rhymes and dramatizations; he creates new words, looks for similarities and analogies between sounds and meanings.
  • The child plays constructively and creatively with other children, he knows how to argue, compare and support his reasons with adults and children.


The privileged form of activity will be a playful-musical approach (songs, stories, drawings, mnemonic games, etc…). The linguistic elements proposed to the children will always be supported by material which illustrates their meaning and will be subsequently used to stimulate them to repetition.

The child will not immediately be able to repeat and understand everything that will be proposed to him or her, but he or she will be able little by little to recognize what the teacher will say and associate it, to an image, action, situation, etc…

At the end of the workshop the child will be able to hear many expressions and understand their global meaning.

The materials that will be used will be: puppets, flashcards, posters, story books, audio CDs, structured games, etc ….

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