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Youth Club’s Activities

The Day Centre, known as Youth club or Oratorio, operates inside the Collegio Immacolata, in the educational project; it deals with afternoon activities and free time. It is fully inserted in cultural pluralism; it is open to the outside world by enhancing the participation of parents and paying particular attention to the training needs expressed by the territory. This environment wants to be an educational reference point for the community of Conegliano and its surroundings, in particular for young people, helping them to grow in a positive and attentive context, which stimulates discussion, intercultural dialogue and discovery.

The style of presence and educational action that is lived in the Youth Club is inspired by educational principles that originate from the action and thought of Don Bosco. In his wake, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians hurry to meet also today the various types of poverty, trying to offer an educational proposal that helps young people to grow and to become, as Saint Giovanni Bosco proposed to his boys, “good Christians and honest citizens“.

The Youth Club – Day Center “Il Punto Accessibile” offers a wide range of activities and projects throughout the calendar year. It is active during the school period, in the afternoon and evening time slots and also during the summer, with the program of the Gr.Est (For the duration of one month). In some other scheduled activities it will also remain open on the weekend, following fixed times depending on the training and recreational proposals.

The various activities are as follows:

Summer offer for children from 5 to 14 years of Conegliano and surroundings with a duration of four weeks. During the month, various types of activities are proposed, such as manual, artistic and sports workshops; team games and tournaments; excursions; game and show evenings for parents; the opportunity to meet together for the Holy Mass every day. The animators, boys from 1st to 5th grade, start to meet around April, to learn and to work for the concrete realization of the Grest together, with the help of religious and educators who, starting around February, begin to organize the activity.

Course for Secondary Secondary School students who wish to learn and update themselves on the contents and methods of Christian animation. It is a proposal from the Conegliano Youth Ministry Team, in which the Oratory has been taking part and collaborating for several years. It consists of five annual meetings, which take place in one of the parishes or religious realities present in the territory; they are carried out in such a way as to guarantee continuous training that will allow deepening all the areas of this service.

Alongside to more structured activities, it is possible to experience the great resource of the Salesian oratory: a courtyard that welcomes and educates the fundamental values for a common and positive coexistence. It allows the free expression, in free play activities, expressive-manual workshops, participation and involvement in animated parties. The aim is to propose constructive ways of using leisure time by arousing diversified interests. : from Monday to Friday, from 16.00 to 18.15, the courtyard of the oratory is open to children from Conegliano and the surrounding area who wish to play, have fun and learn how to stay together. It is a recreational activity, a free time for playing and for other activities related to animation intended for children from kindergarten to first grade secondary school. The educators and one or more FMA, among those who coordinate the oratory, are always present. Together with them, other FMA and voluntary animators of high school or university take turns to provide their educational and animation assistance service.

Classrooms available for high school and university students to study and do their homework. This initiative was created to encounter the needs of those who live outside Conegliano but study in the town, those who have to do group works for school or those who do not have adequate study space in their home.

Domenico Savio’s Friends (ADS) are an association inspired by the Company of the Immaculate Conception founded by Domenico Savio in Don Bosco’s Oratory in Turin. The recipients of the ADS groups are children, young people and young people from the third grade upwards; the meetings have a different frequency based on the age of the boys. The ADS try to follow the example of Domenico Savio who tried to live Christian charity and service to others through good example and joy.

È la possibilità offerta ai ragazzi delle superiori di prestare servizio di volontariato presso il nostro Centro Socio-Educativo Diurno e in altri Enti del territorio (es. Casa Famiglia, Casa di Riposo e comunità di disabili…). Tali esperienze hanno lo scopo di sviluppare nei giovani i valori della solidarietà, della gratuità e del bene comune.

Don Bosco’s feast takes place in one of the public meeting places located in the town of Conegliano and it addresses to the whole citizenship and to those who feel a special bond with the figure of Don Bosco whose feast occurs on January 31st. It is an afternoon made of games and entertainment, prepared and managed by the young people of the Oratory and by those who voluntary want to contribute. The day ends with the holy Mass in one of the parishes of the city.

In addition to this festival, during the year other moments of time well shared and games are organized, especially on the occasion of the feast of San Domenico Savio (6 May), a young man who attended the oratory of Don Bosco, and a moment of party at the beginning of the pastoral and school year. These are opportunities to meet young people and their families together, to have fun and be together and to celebrate Mass.

Prayer meetings for the boys of the First Grade Secondary School of Conegliano organized by the Youth Pastoral Commission in which there is also an FMA. The route is structured into three meetings that take place during the year. Some themes are developed through testimony, Eucharistic adoration, a homily on the word of God inherent in the theme, confessions and a convivial moment.

Once a month, for anyone who wishes, an hour of adoration is proposed in the evening in the chapel of the Oratory. It is possible for everyone who want to participate; the Oratory remains open for those who want to stop and pray.

The P.G.S. R.I.G: (Polisportive Giovanili Salesiane Ragazzi In Gamba) carries out volleyball and basketball activities in the socio-recreational-sports field, for athletes from 4 to 13 years, with the help of F.I.P. accredited coaches. and F.I.P.A.V.,following the CONI regulations. In addition to this, it offers the opportunity to participate in tournaments and competitive championships organized by the Italian Federations.

is an amateur sports association that accompanies the growth of children from 3 years of age through courses of Giocodanza, ballet, modern-jazz, contemporary, musical and singing. The main objective is an artistic training for the students and develop their skills by allowing self-expression. Qualified teachers are employed and the study of dance and singing is approached according to methods recognized at European level, which also allow for the performance of exams and certifications


The possibility of the canteen service is offered, especially for those who are unable to return home after school or, during the summer, during the lunch break. This service responds in particular to the needs of parents engaged in work.


During the school period from Monday to Friday, the timetable of the Day Social and Educational Center is as follows organized:

13.00 canteen for those who cannot provide otherwise 13.40 canteen for those who cannot provide otherwise
13.30-14.00 free time to play in the courtyard 14.00-14.30 free time to play in the courtyard
14.00-16.00 homeworks 14.30-16.30 homeworks
Until 18.15 free time for play or other organized activities Until 18.15 free time for play or other organized activities

The proposed activities for high school students and university students will take place according to days and times established, following the needs of the recipients: on some days of the week they may be engaged in training, group or recreational activities, also during evenings.

During the summer period, from Monday to Friday for a month, the timetable of the Day Social and Educational Center will be as follows organized:

08.00 * Opening of the Oratory
09:00 Welcome, animation, history and prayer
09:50 First lab
10:40/11:10 Break
11:10 Second lab
12:00 End of morning activities
13.00 Closing of the oratory
14.30 Opening of the oratory
15:00 Welcome
15:15 Games and team activities
16:10/16:30 Break
17.15-17.30 * Conclusion (prayer and recommendations)
18.30 Holy Mass for those who wish to attend it

* for parents’ with particular work needs and by agreement with the managers of the Gr.Est., the entrance can take place from 07.30 and the postponed exit can’t be later than 18.15.

On some pre-established days, the recipients will have the opportunity to participate in short training and recreational excursions, in particular on Fridays. Moreover, there will be some initiatives during the evening for the animator and for children, who attend Gr.Est, with their families.

During the month of May, the definitive and detailed calendar of the Grest days will be communicated to the families, together with the labs, excursions and various recreational and training proposals.

A team consisting of manages the service:

  • Three coordinators responsible for the FMA and some religious women help;
  • Competent and prepared educators;
  • Any volunteers from the National and Regional Civil Service;
  • Volunteer adults (parents, grandparents …);
  • Young volunteers attending Secondary School and University.

For all these operators, training meetings will be proposed at the beginning and/or during the year, in order to outline effective objectives and ways of working with the various recipients and to develop or consolidate an educational style inspired by the Preventive System of Don Bosco.


For participation in the oratory during the school year, a registration fee is requested, communicated at the beginning of the year, which includes insurance coverage.

For the summer Grest, the registration fee and the contribution for attendance are requested, differenced according to the times and services requested. (The concrete economic situations of the recipients and their family will be taken into consideration, identifying objective criteria to be applied).

For the organization of specific supplementary activities at the Center (excursions, participation in specific events, etc …) an additional expense contribution may be requested.

For sports activities, the various associations deal with membership and registration.

The funds raised will be managed with transparency and attention to the real needs of the children.

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